Our Onboarding generally takes about 30-60 days for fully onboarding.

The goal of the onboarding is to gather information about your organization to successfully support all your IT needs.

Information Needed

Onsite Equipment








Copiers / Printers




Barcode Readers








3rd Party Vendor Information


Camera Systems

Security Systems



Credentials are a very important aspect of the process. We will need to either have administrative credentials created for us or given.

The credentials are of course kept by us in our secure systems, with access of least privilege, as not every support level needs every level of access. We protect the system with multifactor access and limited to the IP scopes of our locations. We are also bound by HIPPA Compliance and The Shield Act to protect your confidential data. We sign a Business Associate Agreement between our agencies and a non-disclosure agreement.

All our staff is trained as a part of our employee onboarding with yearly refreshers. If you do not have the credentials needed to support any of your systems, and anything needs to be reset, we will complete these tasks as a separate scope of work. We will need to identify what will be affected by a password reset. Some devices need to be completely reconfigured, which will need to be reviewed and scheduled with you and all expectations set.

Most information can be gathered by deploying our agent after being given secure access with appropriate credentials to gather information. With the information, we create a Visio diagram of the entire infrastructure, and documentation with asset details and credentials for support, monitoring, and maintenance.

Other information will be given by the client through templates provided with some 3rd party vendor information enabling us to support and monitor systems designated within the support contract provided.


On-site depiction

There may be a need to do an onsite visit to each location for a visual depiction of what you have as well as to confirm the agents have been able to gain an accurate picture of the environments.

If our support contract includes the monitoring of the onpremises or cloud devices, the agents deployed will remain to allow for monitoring, support, asset management and can be utilized for application deployment in the future. We will confirm visibility on all your systems including your backups which will allow us to confirm that backups are being done according to your company methodology.

If our support contract includes some of our managed security services as well, this will be implemented during this time. (Such as antivirus, if backup needs to be migrated to our managed backup tenant, if mail continuity needs to be migrated or some hardware support services with vendors are also migrated during this period). Some of these migrations would be completed with the IT vendor you previously were working with.

Project Review

After we have done the information gathering and designed the diagram and the documentation, we will review with you if we see anything needs either immediate attention and is in a critical state or is to be addressed during our quarterly meetings and planning.

If there are circumstances that you may need immediate support before the onboarding is fully complete which we can do, with your understanding that the support will have some information gathering at first while remediating any issues. There may also be some immediate pain points as well that need to be addressed as a project immediately which can be addressed as well with a separate statement of work.